Seminar program

DAY 1. Monday, November the 24th

08:30 – Registration, Ile du Saulcy Campus, ISGMP Building

09:00 – Welcoming words, Ferrari Room, ISGMP Building

09:15 – S. Genvo, University of Lorraine, Defining and designing expressive games: the case of Keys of a gamespace

10:00 – E. Aarseth, IT University, Keynote


11:00– J. Koubek, Universität Bayreuth, Video games as an expressive medium

11:45 – G. Trepanier Jobin, MIT Comparative media studies Studies | Writing, Transforming a Serious Game Into an Expressive Game to Raise Awareness on the Rigidity of Gender Categories

12:30 – Lunch

14:30 – G. Frasca, Keynote

15:15 – S. Dor, Université de Montréal, A “mediated” power: expressing the uncertainty of a rebellion in Ogre Battle

16:00 – E. Lelièvre, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, The forms of expression enabled by lasting immersion in MMORPG. The example of the experimental game OFabulis.


19:00 Gala Diner


DAY 2. Tuesday, November the 25th

09:30 – J.-L. Lebreton, Froggy Software, Keynote

10:15 – J. Smith, The Last Designer. Relocating the player as a partner in design and narrative

11:00 – T.M. Căşvean, University of Bucharest, Expressive games: a proto-holodeck stage. How game developers can ensure engagement in games with systemic objective

12:00 – Lunch

Public sessions

14:00 – Interview with J.L. Lebreton (in French), amphitheater Reitel

15:00 – Interview with G. Frasca (in French), amphitheater Reitel

18:00 – Inauguration of the Expressive game lab, TCRM-BLIDA